Does a Video Offer Increase or Decrease Conversion?


We were surprised (as we sometimes are during tests) to find that a newly designed offer page advertising an online subscription product which included a video from the founder of the company, explaining the product, converted much lower than the same page without the video:

Funnel Analysis

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Figure 1: Percentage of users who continued through each step of a subscription offering, by offer.

This was confusing to us. Shouldn’t the founder of a company personally explaining the features and benefits of a product sell the product better than a plain text/graphic page?

What we found was this:

A portion of the users could either not hear the sound or watch the video altogether, therefore missing out on the main point of the offer.

Those that did watch the video (indicated by the fact that they also made it to the next step of the registration process) were much more likely to continue the process.

If a user actually watches a video, it appears it does increase the overall conversion rate, however if they miss it somehow, due to technical issues, then they are not as likely to purchase or take action.

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