Feedback From “Optimizing Your Landing Pages – Part One”


We received a nice note last week from Eric Stevenson, who runs AXcess News. Eric submitted his Landing Page for live optimization at our last Webinar on Feb. 6th, and immediately began implementing our suggestions:

“Attached is the screenshot of the new site – totally rebuilt to follow the wonderful suggestions we were given in the last webinar:


We hope to have this online within two days in replacement of the old site and would be delighted if they could squeeze it in next week Wednesday – if not – I would be grateful to make the next window and have them discuss the ‘before and after’ look per those suggestions, such as putting the sign up form on the landing page and adding testimonials (which you can’t see on this screenshot; they’re below the area shown).”

Though Eric hasn’t posted his new site design yet, we’ve asked him to send us his test data after it’s been up for awhile. You know we love those numbers.

Dr. McGlaughlin and company will complete Part 2 of our live Landing Page optimization analysis tomorrow at 4:00PM EST. It’s always free and it’s always interesting, so sign up here and join us.

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  1. Eric Stevenson says

    Giving your suggestions a chance to show results, I waited sixty days since rebuilding the site following your webinar participants helpful comments.

    Conversion rate rose from 3.9% to 6.6% (30-day results).

    I should also point out that we took the opportunity to target our paid-click advertising on those keywords which were more relevant – and cut out those which were not productive. That reduced our ad spend by 60% yet increased conversion 200%.

    In conclusion, design and delivery of the message is foremost and many websites would benefit from your work – I highly recommend you for that. But we also had to find another source to help with the ad placement that could provide helpful advice similar to Marketing Experiments. There were none, so we formed a team of experts ourselves. Anyone interested in knowing more about that can email me at: eric[at]

    Thanks again for the help!

  2. Peg Davis says

    Eric, it’s great to hear our advice was helpful to you. We’re getting ready for another live optimization clinic on next Wednesday, May 7th, so I hope you don’t mind if we use your results as an example of how to both implement changes and test them. FYI, the new 2008 MarketingSherpa Online Advertising Handbook + Benchmarks Guide is now available for just your type of situation (questions about best ad placement, and more). I believe a copy of that may help your in-house ad team a lot. Cheers, Peg

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