How to Increase Conversion in 2012

The last 20,000 hours of marketing research distilled into 60 minutes


This Web clinic replay takes the past year in online marketing research and condenses it into four tactics you can take away and apply to your marketing in 2012.

The average marketer’s schedule is unbelievably hectic. Between meetings, deadlines and actual creative work, there’s little time left to step back and try to improve what you’re doing for the upcoming year.

But, what if you could take all of our marketing optimization research from 2011 and boil it down into a few key takeaways that you can apply to get better results in 2012?

In our December 7th Web clinic, Flint McGlaughlin did just that. He explained how we:

  • Optimized a PPC path for 302% more profit
  • Tweaked a shopping cart for 12% more ecommerce revenue
  • Changed a headline and generated 29% more leads
  • And more …

Focused and to the point. Well executed, lots of valuable information in a compressed format.–Dean

Jam packed with good results, supported by evidence. Very clear messaging on what is important to pay attention to for results. Also a somewhat humble realization that we can’t guess, but must test. –Pierre

Loved seeing the conversion rates each of 10 headlines generated. Also, great to see the “failed experiments”– so valuable to see what didn’t work. –Hayden

I really enjoy the passion and clarity of your speaker’s presentations. The charts are also tremendously helpful as aids.–Gabriel

Download a full transcript of this Web clinic:

How to Increase Conversion in 2012

How to Increase Conversion in 2012

Listen to an audio replay of the presentation:


Flint McGlaughlin
Jon Powell

Paul Cheney
Austin McCraw

Technical Production
Luke Thorpe
Steven Beger
Jessica McGraw
Yi Xu

Additional Contributors
Daniel Burstein
Beth Caudell
Brad Bortone
Selena Blue

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