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What we've learned from the last 200 experiments distilled into three basic principles — plus live-optimization examples


Over the past year, the MarketingExperiments labs have conducted more than 200 digital marketing experiments. And while we have many complex heuristics and training courses to assist you in optimizing your entire digital marketing investment, in our July 21 Web clinic, Flint McGlaughlin (the Director of MECLABS Group), and the MarketingExperiments team focused on helping our audience find a few “quick hit” landing page improvements to increase conversion right now.

To that end, Flint McGlaughlin distilled these discoveries into three simple optimization principles:

  • Increase specificity — Increase the specificity of your messages by using quantitative statements, instead of relying on vague qualitative statements, to better communicate value and ultimately generate more response.
  • Increase continuity — By ensuring continuity in every step of a sales funnel, you can keep the user engaged and motivated throughout the entire process.
  • Increase relevance — Craft your messaging with relevance to the motivations of your potential prospects to increase conversion significantly.

After teaching these points, Flint McGlaughlin and the MarketingExperiments team conducted 40 minutes of live optimization to help give our audience real-world examples of how to put these principles into practice.

View the clinic replay, or listen to the audio recording (mp3), to discover how to find the right level of customization for your organization’s marketing.

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Q3 2010

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