Looking back, looking ahead


For the past two years, this blog has featured several contributors and a variety of voices. And in the months ahead, we’ll be doing even more — with the blog, our Research Briefs, and our Web Clinics.

You already know the Marketing Experiments mission: To discover what really works. But we can’t do that alone. Our readers and research partners are vital to the equation, so we welcome your feedback and insights. Tell us what topics you want to hear more about. What new initiatives are you exploring? How can we make our Web Clinics and Research Briefs more valuable to you? What topics are falling off your radar?

To paraphrase this blog’s very first post, what sets us apart from hundreds of other Web marketing blogs is our foundation in original research, testing, and results. We’re seeing a dramatic increase in demand from marketers like you who are moving beyond outdated marketing methods based on intuition and the status quo. As a result, we’re striving to make more of our unique, data-driven information available in the formats you want.

Two years ago (as the editor and founding blogger for another Internet marketing publication), I had great respect for the quality of information Marketing Experiments brought to the industry. Today, as the new Managing Editor of MarketingExperiments journal, I invite you to share your suggestions and questions with me at editor@marketingexperiments.com – and let’s help each other take everything we do to the next level.


Hunter Boyle

Managing Editor

MarketingExperiments journal

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