Marketing strategies and inspiration for the C-level (and beyond)


Tales of golden parachutes and lavish parties aside, most top execs are facing a bumpy ride these days.

Between cutbacks and layoffs, slumping share prices, the credit crunch, and lower sales projections for 2009, many executives are frantically looking for ways to not only keep their organizations solvent, but growing. Much of that growth potential can be tied back to smart marketing.

That’s what made the concept behind “Letters to the C-Suite: Sage Marketing Advice for Uncertain Times” so interesting. The idea: Compile 13 letters from marketing professionals, written to address an imaginary team of executives, with insights and ideas for navigating the tough times we’re in today.

As one of the contributors, I was struck by some of the common threads: listen to customers more (and your detractors); don’t rush to reduce marketing budgets, but adapt them instead; emphasize measurable results; and test, test, test. In addition to several worthwhile recommendations, the personal letter format also lends a directness that’s often missing from such pieces.

Even if you’re not a CEO, but you’re a marketer concerned about the current business climate, chances are you’ll find plenty of strategies mixed with inspiration. And couldn’t we all use some more of that right now?

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