More Evidence of the Power of Small Changes


In a recent article at, this passage really caught my eye…

“ increased the click-through rate on one campaign by moving the word “free” to the first line of the ad from the second line. And turned Gatorade mix into a top-selling product online by realizing that overseas troops were buying the product and putting language in subsequent ads that let them know would deliver to APO addresses.

Allan Dick, general manager of Vintage Tub & Bath, said his company experienced “an enormous change in conversion” by increasing efforts to highlight its free shipping offer.”

There are three small changes mentioned here…

1. A change in the position of the word FREE

2. A change in text targeted at overseas troops

3. Increasing exposure of a free shipping offer

As we talked about in our last teleconference call, small changes are often overlooked, but can frequently deliver dramatic improvements in click-through and conversion.

Making your site work harder is not just about total redesigns…it’s also about relentlessly testing smaller elements on the page.

You will find a recording of our teleconference on Small Changes here, plus the notes. We’ll have the full text of the brief online within a few days.

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