Networks are losing money to new media…


In a recent New York Times article new figures are in on projected spends across the major TV networks. The figures are down again, and everyone seems to be pointing the finger at new media.

It’s understandable that budgets are being moved over to the web and associated media. The web is a direct response medium and companies like to be able to measure the return on their marketing dollars.

However, whenever I read about less money being spent on broadcast media, I ask myself this question: Why aren’t more TV ads being used to drive traffic to online landing pages?

To date there have been numerous attempts to use commercials to build awareness of site home pages. But how about using 15-second spots to direct viewers to a specific landing page with its own, easy-to-remember domain name?

I have seen this tactic used from time to time, mainly by smaller companies at off-peak times.

But if more large companies tested and tracked this approach, they might be persuaded to maintain their network budgets…to support and complement new media.

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