Optimization Summit 2012: Which add-on clinic topics are most appealing to you?


As we put the finishing touches on the agenda for Optimization Summit 2012 in Denver, we’re considering including some bonus add-on clinics as well. To help decide which clinics would be most helpful, we’ve decided to turn to an expert consultant …

You. The customer.

Please let us know which topics would be most valuable to you in the poll below. And if you have any further insights to share, please use the comments section as well.



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1 Comment
  1. Gail Gardner says

    Almost all brilliant projects are by experts for wannabe experts. I often picture a rock climber hanging from a vertical rock face by his fingertips. That is what your largest audience feels like and only those who are willing to climb alone from not knowing the basics to the level of material presented will get to the top.

    What is needed is for the experts to have someone explain in the most simple way possible why this is so very important to them by relating it to something they already know and understand. NOTHING is more critical to business survival today than increasing conversions – but most just can not grasp where to even start.

    I hope you will consider putting that foundation on your site and at the beginning of your event so that people who are learning the equivalent of their A,B,Cs don’t have to start at the graduate level. Please give them a clear and easier path from not knowing to knowing.

    What you teach is VERY complicated – but the explanation of the basic concepts and what’s in it for them is not. Make sure you apply your skills to bridge the gap between what YOU know (and may think THEY know) – and realize they don’t. YOU have to tell them, clearly and simply and provide the equivalent of a sales funnel for their learning process.

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