Marketing Optimization: 10 resources to help your online testing efforts


At MarketingExperiments, we often write blog posts that dig deep into the experiments and tests we share with you to help you do your job better.

However, all the test results in the world don’t matter if you’re new to online testing or knee deep in data with no idea where to turn next.

So, in today’s MarketingExperiments blog post, we’re sharing 10 free resources you can use to learn more about online testing or to gain helpful insights on what to test next on your landing pages.


Also, you can download slides from our previous Web clinics on our SlideShare page.


Marketing Campaign: Landing page optimization can help improve the return on your media spend

Landing Page Optimization – If you want to improve the performance of your marketing campaign but are not yet familiar with landing page optimization, this MarketingExperiments blog post is a good place to start. It’s a general overview of the landing page optimization process.

Blandvertising: How you can overcome writing headlines and copy that don’t say anything

Ad Copywriting – If your copywriting doesn’t really say anything, you may be having trouble with a lack of specificity. This blog post can help you identify and fix bland copy that may be underperforming.

A/B Testing: 3 resources for copywriting and call-to-action optimization

Copywriting and Call-to-Action Optimization – Featuring a research chart from the MarketingSherpa 2011 Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report, this blog post shares the top five page elements with the highest optimization impact, as well as three resources you can use to maximize your copy testing efforts.

Copywriting: Long copy vs. short copy matrix

Copywriting Optimization – Is short copy or long copy better for your landing pages? Well, according to Bob Kemper, Director of Sciences, MECLABS, the decision to use short or long copy depends on a few factors that determine which copy length will be most effective for that usage.

Lead Generation: 3 lessons from a 25% decrease in conversion

Lead Generation Optimization – One of the biggest mistakes that marketers often make when optimizing is to discharge an unfavorable test without ever fully understanding why the results were unfavorable to begin with … or as Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS, says, “Asking ‘why,’ however, leads to wisdom.”



Minor Changes, Major Lifts: How headline and call-to-action optimization increased conversion 45%

Copywriting – Marketers eventually ask themselves, “How can I get the greatest amount of return on the least amount of optimization investment?” In this Web clinic replay, you’ll learn common headline and call-to-action errors to avoid.

Quick Win Clinic (Part I): The 5 easiest changes to make to your landing pages right now

Landing Page Optimization – In this Web clinic replay, you’ll learn five landing page changes that you can make to quickly improve conversion.

Copywriting on Tight Deadlines: How ordinary marketers are achieving 103% gains with a step-by-step framework

Copywriting – If you can determine the thought sequence of your audience as they are exposed to your copy, you can write copy that has a higher probability of resonating with your audience. In this Web clinic replay, you’ll learn a step-by-step framework that you can use to quickly write effective copy.

Hidden Friction: The 6 silent killers of conversion

Landing Page Optimization – Optimizing elements of friction on a landing page can be easy for experienced marketers, but even the best marketers are susceptible to hidden friction elements that kill conversion rates and often go undetected. In this clinic, you’ll learn how to identify and overcome the hidden elements of friction that pose threats to your ROI.  

Discovering Your Value Proposition: 6 ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace

Value Proposition Optimization – If there was only one Web clinic you could watch out of this entire group, this is the one. The most efficient way to increase conversions is by converting more of the prospects you already have. In this Web clinic replay, learn how one nonprofit organization saw increases in conversions and donations by using the keys principles in this clinic, which teaches marketers how to identify and express a value proposition effectively.

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  1. Chris Ramsey says

    Hey John,

    Thanks for sharing this slideshare. Haven’t seen that thing used much anywhere lately, but I love the format.

    Anyway, wanted to add a little bit about testing – or rather how to find different copy elements to test.

    And, this seems simple, but almost nobody does this.

    It’s what’s enabled me to build a marketing campaign for my business around what people actually want – rather than what I *think* they want.

    So what’s the big ‘secret’ to finding out what’s at the heart of what’ll get your prospects to buy from you?

    Just ASK them…

    Find out what the big problems they’re having are and find a way to communicate how your product solves those problems.

    For instance, my company is all about super easy to use webinar software.

    We’re stupidly simple to use and solve a number of problems the other tools out there, for one reason or another, never got around to solving.

    And we’re incredibly up front about that on all our landing pages.

    And guess where we got those problems from…

    We asked our ideal customers what bugged them the most on a daily basis.

    And now all we need to do is get in front of prospects, show them how we solve their problem, and that’s all she wrote.

    Simple as that, but most people don’t want to take the time to actually sit down and talk with their customers.

    So, in conclusion, just talk to your ideal customers and you’ll be amazed at the things you’ll learn.

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