Optimizing Landing Pages Was a Big Hit


I was really impressed by both the number of attendees and the quality of the questions and professional opinions we received from our audience yesterday at the “Optimizing Your Landing Pages” Webinar. We had over 1,200 marketers register to hear Dr. McGlaughlin, Jimmy Ellis, and Aaron Rosenthal analyze Landing Pages that subscribers submitted in advance of the Clinic.

I know a lot of subscribers wish we could spend more than one hour every two weeks doing live website optimization for our members or sharing our latest research findings, but if we expanded it we’d probably have to start charging to attend the Clinic and distributing the MarketingExperiments journal brief that comes out of it, and we don’t want to do that. We really want to keep it free.

Serving rather than selling is the key to marketing success, and Dr. McGlaughlin looks at what we do as a service to the industry as a whole. By freely sharing our best practices and latest scientific findings in Internet marketing—not just Landing Page optimization or email tuning, but charters for customer relations like our own MarketingExperiments’ Creed—he feels we’re on the right track.

Flint, Jimmy, and Aaron did such a deep dive on six of the sites we selected that we ran out of time to do more, so we’ll cover the ones we didn’t get to yesterday at our next Clinic on Wednesday, February 20, 2008 at 4:00 PM EST. Our subscribers should look for the invitation to “Optimizing Your Landing Pages: Part 2,” which we’ll send out next week.

If you aren’t yet a subscriber to our free journal, sign up today, confirm the email we send you, and you’ll get that invitation, too. You’ll also receive a free journal brief with all of the Landing Page optimization recommendations for the sites we looked at yesterday. There should be a lot of news everyone can use in the next edition.

If you attended yesterday’s Clinic I’d like to get your feedback. I’m also really interested in hearing from those who submitted a site we selected for a free analysis. Let us know if you implement our recommendations and what happens, and I’ll share it here.

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