Optimizing your website for Spanish-speaking audiences


Whether you’re an experienced marketer who has spent years dealing with Spanish-language markets, or your organization is just entering the space, a little homework will help you maintain relevance in your offers and pages.

As global and bilingual markets have grown, the amount of resources available to research the needs and preferences of these potential audiences has likewise expanded.

Our March 25 web clinic focused on strategies for optimizing Spanish-language landing pages and websites effectively. You can now access the presentation here (Flash format). It’s also available as an MP3 and print-friendly research brief.


Supplementing our clinic, the following links offer marketers interested in learning more the opportunity to drill down into the U.S. Hispanic market and the Spanish-speaking international market.

Hispanic resources:

  1. AOL/Roper Study: This brief survey is a good way to begin orienting yourself to some of the current trends in the Hispanic market.
  2. Experian Consumer Research Report:This report offers graphs and charts that give strong visual representations of trends in consumer shopping and buying habits.
  3. Hispanoclick is an online clearinghouse of Hispanic networks and publishers throughout the United States. View this site to deepen your cultural awareness and keep track of Hispanic movers and shakers in many industries.
  4. Hispanic Business.com: A publication offering general industry news as well as research on current and upcoming trends.
  5. Hispanic Market Weekly: This website lives up to its name by offering weekly updates on the status of the Hispanic market.

International markets:

  1. CIA World Factbook: For marketers beginning their research into any international market, this is a fascinating website that gives full details about the economic health, technological capabilities, and population information about any country in the world.
  2. International Trade Data Network: From their homepage: “ITDN™ is the one and only service that provides easy access to all your export and import, trade related, information needs from current events to comprehensive country, industry and market reports.”
  3. ISI Emerging Markets: While this is a rich information source, it is mostly connected to university and college research facilities. If you’re a student or you’ve got a current student interning for you, send them to this site to research markets so new they haven’t been tapped yet.

Reaching out to a new audience, or an audience whose culture differs from your own, can be an intimidating process. We hope these resources will provide a valuable starting point — and that you’ll to use the comments field to share other related resources.

Our team also fielded several questions from clinic participants, both in the U.S. and abroad, that we’ll address in a forthcoming series of posts. Please check back for those updates, or simply sign up for our RSS feed.

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  1. Rick Daley says

    You have a very nice website that is very informative on Website Optimization .
    And I also agree about what you said about reaching out to a new audience, or an audience whose culture differs from your own, can be an intimidating process.
    Thanks for the info.

    1. Hunter Boyle says

      Thanks for your feedback, Rick. No matter what the language or cultural barriers, I think the most important factor in a site these days is credibility. If your site can inspire confidence and trust, many of the smaller obstacles tend to have less of an impact. This is much the same as offline businesses and stores.

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