Optimization vs. frustration

Overcoming barriers to better tests and gains


Web marketers are running tests every day based on intuition, hunches, and test ideas that have ostensibly worked in the past.

But this all-too-common approach to testing is fraught with hazards – from validity threats and sample size issues to questionable data and analysis.
If you’re like most marketers, you’re struggling to dodge numerous testing pitfalls and implement a consistent, science-based approach to testing and optimization.

In our July 15 web clinic, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin reviewed the same research-driven testing strategies and protocol that MarketingExperiments uses to achieve the ROI gains detailed in our case studies. He also examined a recent experiment that showed how this approach yielded a 119% sales increase.

Throughout the presentation, Dr. McGlaughlin also explored:

  • the importance of cumulative testing and challenging your own hypotheses
  • using the testing cycle to discover how to motivate your prospects and customers, and
  • how to dig into your data and identify insights that will sharpen your marketing decisions.

To learn how to apply these strategies and strengthen your testing methods, view the clinic presentation: Optimization vs. frustration: Overcoming barriers to better tests and gains

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Content —  Flint McGlaughlin
Hunter Boyle
Pamela Jesseau
Adam Lapp
Bob Kemper

Production — Austin McCraw
Cliff Rainer
Landon Calabello

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