Marketing Optimization: What minor changes have produced major lifts in your marketing?


How can you get the greatest amount of return on the least amount of marketing investment?

We’ll share our own top discoveries about low-hanging marketing optimization fruit in our next free Web clinic on Wednesday – Minor Changes, Major Lifts: How headline and call-to-action optimization increased conversion 45% – but first we want to hear from you.

Share what you’ve learned in the comments section of this blog post. And here are a few insights from your peers …


Getting the “from” name right

I’ve learned about the importance of the “from” name in email blasts.

Changing that up to something people recognize more can have a serious impact on your open rates and the number of people who unsubscribe or mark your email as spam.

You may think you know what “from” name is best (I thought I did), but when you start A/B testing it, you may find out that another name can make a huge difference. Getting the “from” name right probably won’t make or break your business, but it is low-hanging fruit that can make your email campaigns much more effective.

Kristina Weis, Online Community Manager / Email Marketer / SEO Guide, AboutUs



A simple pricing test can yield amazing results. We recently tested a “dollars off” offer against a set price point offer. The latter beat the control by 125%.

– Robyn Kahn Federman, Director of Communications, Catalyst


Listen, Ask, Open Doors

Listening more to the customer and how they perceive the 360 degree effect of their challenges versus rambling off how I feel and assume I can better serve them has helped me better elevate the return on my efforts.

I’ve found that by engaging prospects with thoughtful, open-ended questions I can help them sell themselves on the need they’ve presented.

Listen, Ask, Open Doors are steps 1, 2 and 3.

– Jason Croyle, Analyst, Research Partnerships, MECLABS


Removing fear from your marketing

Don’t be afraid to stand apart, to alienate a few, to embarrass yourself, and finally to embrace those who loved your bravery.

– Tim Doyens, Agency new business development


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