Landing Page Optimization: Easy landing page changes that have improved results for your peers


There are two ways to improve results:

  1. Get more budget to send more traffic to your landing pages through print ads, PPC ads, or time-consuming tactics like SEO and social media.
  2.  Improve the conversion rate of the traffic you’re getting.

So what are some of the easiest ways to do the latter? Simple changes to make to your landing pages to improve results?

On Wednesday’s free Web clinic, “Quick Win Clinic (Part 1): The 5 easiest changes to make to your landing pages right now,” Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS, will share the principles we’ve discovered to help you improve results.

But first, we wanted to hear what your peers had to say about easy landing page changes with big impacts …

 93% conversion rate increase from button color change

One of the optimization tests we did that I found very interesting was playing around with the colors of call-to-action buttons. We were using dark red buttons (in line with our brand identity colors) and tried several different colors for the button and the background it was in. The winning combination was a “corporatish” blue over a light yellow background.

Conversion rate moved from 4.5% to 8.7% with just that change.

– Michel Ozzello, Product Marketing Manager, OutSystems


500% increase in sign-ups by moving email sign-up form

Moving the email sign-up form from the left-hand side to the top right-hand side resulted in a 500% increase in sign-ups. It’s an obvious change, or at least it should be.

– Mark Garner, Online Marketing, eBusiness and Analytics Consultant, Make Them Click


40% increase in conversions by using a video presenter

Using a video presenter increased conversions by 40% for one of my clients. I stripped the landing page of all elements; I had a large video presenter above the fold with an inquiry form in top right and three ultra-specific points below the presenter.

– Tahire Khan, Director, Search Lab


“About Us” page change raised conversion rates by 13%

About a year or so ago, we completely revised our “About Us” page after noticing that it had some of the highest bounce rates. The immediate difference in increased conversion rates was dramatic (and unexpected). Small changes that have made a difference also include simply adding visual stimulation, like interesting photos, videos, and – yes, humor! If done well and made relative to your business, adding humor, either in the content, in a video – or both – can do wonders for conversion rates.

                – Ofer Tirosh, CEO,


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1 Comment
  1. Erik says

    When people are looking for better results with their landign pages, they frequently assume that in order to have results they need to make big changes. I liked that this post documented some specific scenarios where tiny changes made all the difference. People have a different emotional response to different colors, and changing colors to respond to your target audience can make a difference.

    Thank you!

    Erik Bortzfield
    ion interactive

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