Marketing ROI: A guide to the free MarketingExperiments Quarterly Research Journal


Point of personal weakness – I love buffets! I try to eat healthy, I try to live in moderation, but when I see a gorgeous spread of fresh seafood and fruit and all sorts of goodies like at the Marketplace at Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas, I just don’t know where to begin.

I’m afraid we might have created the same situation with our new MarketingExperiments Quarterly Research Journal…

Our desire was to create a one-stop resource that you can refer to throughout the quarter to give you ideas, insights, and (dare I say) inspiration to drive ROI with testing and optimization. The Research Journal includes never-before-published social media research along with content that our loyal blog readers will recognize – all in one convenient package.

However, with so much information in the same place, the initial reaction might be to take it all in at once. According to Internet Standard Time, after something has been posted for five minutes (the half-life of a tweet), it is old news.

We take a different, principle-based approach to marketing. As opposed to a relentless pursuit of the latest “everyone-else-is-doing-it-and-so-must-I” practice, we share higher-level principles that apply across media, timeframes, and executions. We pair those principles with tactical advice to help put them into action the right way for your organization right now.

With that in mind, here are three simple ways you can get value out of the MarketingExperiments Research Journal every day this quarter…


What is your biggest marketing challenge today? Email? Social media? Your website? Go to that section and read the applicable research or actionable insights. Again, don’t try to push through the entire Journal in one day, let each day’s challenge dictate your intake.


As opposed to pure or theoretical research, we focused on ROI-based marketing research that can help the evidence-based marketer drive results in her organization. Combine the principles from our research with your own experience knowing your business inside and out. It’s not up to the tools to make it happen. It’s not up to rote adherence to best practices. It’s up to you.


This Research Journal, along with everything MarketingExperiments publishes, is meant to be just one part of a conversation with you. How can we better educate you? Take our three-minute survey. What works for your organization? Send a letter to the editor. What success have you driven? Share your story for a chance to win a Landing Page Optimization package.

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  1. Tanya says


    I am doing a project on online marketing strategies and want to look at some case studies of real campaigns and their results. It has to be a detailed case study. Any idea where I can find information like this?


    1. Daniel Burstein says

      If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the MarketingExperiments Quarterly Research Journal, may I suggest our Research Directory?

  2. Ari says


    Is there any chance you’ll be publishing Marketing ROI as a printed journal? I, for one, would subscribe!

    Thanks much.


    1. Daniel Burstein says

      Thanks Ari,

      Appreciate the kind words. For now we have no official plans to offer a printed Quarterly Research Journal for subscription. Although, we are always looking for ways to serve our audience, and will take your suggestion under consideration.

      For now, you are welcome to print the Quarterly Research Journal out for yourself using the “Print” link at the top of the Scribd embed, or by downloading the PDF and printing from there.

      Thanks again.

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