Scissors, Grease, Friction & Conversion Rates


Sounds a little scary.

The point is that any online sales page, or sequence of pages, includes some friction.

That is to say, there are elements on every page that will slow down your visitors, make them pause, or maybe even result in a buyer abandoning the process altogether.

Here are a few examples of friction points that need to be addressed in order to optimize conversions:

1. Too many pages in a sales or subscription process.

2. Too many fields in a sales or sign-up form.

3. Too many choices to be made while buying or registering.

4. Too many graphics that are not directly related to the sales process.

5. Too many columns and links that attract attention away from the core sales message.

6. Too much copy (“You had me at Introducing…”)

7. Too little copy (“What am I buying exactly?”)

And so on. When you find friction points, you need to either cut them out (the scissors) or reduce the friction (grease them).

An example of greasing a friction point would be when the subscription term is long, you add a 110% Money Back Guarantee. The term commitment creates friction. The guarantee provides the grease.

Ultimately, every sales page will have some friction. The process of having someone complete and submit a form cannot be achieved with zero friction.

But you can increase conversion rates by being brutal with the scissors and grease, and making every sales message run as smoothly as possible.

For more on this, and the data we collected to support our findings, listen to our latest clinic presentation – Big Conversion Gains From a Little Scissors & Grease?

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