Web Clinic Extra: Surprising Wins from 2009


During our November 11 web clinic, Surprising Wins from 2009: Using insights from an uncertain economy to drive 302% growth, Boris Grinkot, Adam Lapp, and Paul Clowe answered questions from our audience on a range of topics pertinent to our research from this year.

We often don’t have time to answer all the questions from our international audience on the live web clinics. So we’re launching a new feature on the blog – Web Clinic Extra. We distilled the best questions and posed them to Researchers Boris Grinkot and Adam Lapp for our first episode:

The complete Flash version of the web clinic, along with a downloadable research brief (PDF), are now available on MarketingExperiments.com. If you have additional questions, use the comments section below or post them to our MarketingExperiments Optimization group.

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