Top 11 free marketing tools and resources


Over the years, our analysts have created numerous marketing tools and resources to make optimization easier and more effective.

tools-3039492078_8c6f120c35We’ve made several of these tools available to research partners, web clinic and workshop participants, and through our research briefs.

Now our Sciences producer and blogger, Austin McCraw, has compiled 11 of the most popular MarketingExperiments tools (spreadsheets, PDFs, Word docs) so we can offer them in one easy-to-access location, for free, no strings attached.

In today’s flailing economy, marketers can use all the free help and resources they can get. So we invite you to take these tools for a spin, give us your feedback, and let us know about other areas where you could use a hand.

Note: When you subscribe to the MarketingExperiments Journal (also free), you’ll find out first when we release new tools, research and case studies.

Free Tools from MarketingExperiments
1. Value Proposition Worksheet
One of our most downloaded resources, this worksheet will help you evaluate and present your value proposition more effectively.

2. Compounding Effect Spreadsheet
This tool measures the (usually large) impact of incremental increases in conversion through testing.

3. Price Testing Analysis
Created to help marketers accurately analyze the overall results of price tests.

4. Subscription Site Metrics Tool
Allows subscription sites to determine the profitability of their own PPC campaigns.

5. Max Bid Analysis Spreadsheet
This is a tool that can help marketers calculate the maximum bid they could make in a PPC campaign and still remain at a specific profitability margin.

6. Customer Service Analysis Tool
This tool is designed to help companies see and calculate the possible profit that can come from inbound costumer service calls.

7. A/B Testing Template Doc
A basic template that guides marketers though the A/B split testing process.

8. Competitive Analysis Spreadsheet
Walks you through a thorough competitive analysis (also valuable for identifying potential partners).

9. Data Sample Statistics
Explains how to determine the statistical validity of a test. This document also introduces the test validation section of the Test Protocol tool we offer to our live workshop and certification students.

10. Metrics Dashboard Tool
This dashboard helps marketers monitor the essential metrics that they need to track when testing online.

11. Optimization Scenario Tool
Want to compare key metrics and results between different landing page optimization scenarios? Try this tool.

Got feedback? Suggestions for our Sciences team about these or other resources you’d like to see? Please use the comments field to let us know.

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  1. Randy Purcell says

    Thanks for the resources. Will be very useful. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hunter Boyle says

    Thanks, Randy. Feel free to let us know which tools you’ve found most helpful.

  3. says

    You’re just giving these away for free? That’s cool!

    I’ve only opened the value proposition worksheet, but I can already see from the value you’re offering now (for free) that I will be taking you up on future propositions.

    (Kay, that was probably a bit cheesy, but it’s really true.)

    The tool for analyzing what and how good the value proposition is by quantifying it is a great approach to something that is often more difficult to quantify.

    Thanks for sharing these resources. I look forward to learning about the rest of them.


    Jonathan Kraft

  4. Hunter Boyle says

    Thanks for your feedback, Jonathan. The value proposition worksheet has become one of our most popular tools for exactly the reasons you mentioned. Feel free to pass it and the other tools along — and let us know how you’re putting them to work.

  5. Jason says

    Thanks for the useful tools! Unfortunately #6 (Customer Service Analysis Tool) link seems to be broken.

  6. Marc Harty says

    Great stuff, but several of the links show error messages. Just did a tweet about this so hope you can fix the links soon.

  7. Hunter Boyle says

    @ Jason and Marc:

    Thanks very much for the feedback. Turns out fixing some server issues the other day had a few unintended consequences, like breaking links to a few of the tools.

    The links are now functional again and the tools are ready for your download and use. Sorry about the downtime. Please spread the word and let us know what you think of the tools.

  8. Rick Chamberlain says


    Thanks for the great tools! Unfortunately, the Value Proposition worksheet link is broken.

    1. Hunter Boyle says

      Thanks, Rick. As this post has shown time and again, using broken links is really an excellent way to elicit blog comments. Looks like we’ll have to keep breaking them every now and then — especially with the free tools. 😉

      For now, the link to the Value Proposition Worksheet has been updated and it’s ready for download … until the next time we migrate the blog, that is.

  9. John Taylor says

    Interesting blog post. What would you say was the most important marketing factor?

    1. Hunter Boyle says

      Thanks, John. These 14 free optimization tools cover a lot of areas, and since priorities vary from site to site, anyone could argue for one tool being most important to them. The PPC analysis tool might be the number one pick for one person, while someone not doing PPC might choose the A/B testing template. I can tell you that the Value Proposition Worksheet has been downloaded the most — and the topic of value proposition is one that almost every organization struggles with, so I’d nominate that one as a favorite. Which tool have you found most helpful?

  10. Andrea says

    These tools are excellent. However, the link to Tool #8 is broken…

  11. Jorge Nail says

    Thank you! Very good resources.

    I really appreciate it!

    Best regards,


  12. Jaime says

    Hunter, very good tools. May I add one more? This customer lifetime value calculator helps small businesses determine how much to spend to acquire new customers and still make a profit:

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