Which works best – providing your page visitors with plenty of choices, or keeping your pages simple?


Web page designers and writers often struggle between loading a page with plenty of information and choices, or keeping it clean and simple.

Which approach works best and gives you the best conversion rates and highest revenues?

Should you present readers with plenty of options, to best suit their own preferences?

Should you let them choose, for example, between a number of different subscription options?

Should you provide links to related or more detailed information?

Should you use multiple columns to provide space for related images, links and supporting information?

Or should you aim instead to keep your pages as simple as possible? Should you reduce the number of choices available to your readers to the absolute minimum?

We will be answering these questions, and sharing recent test data to support our findings, in our free webinar this Wednesday.

You can sign up here: Choice vs. Simplicity

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  1. Jon Silvers says

    Is this webinar on demand? Do you have a paper that goes with this?

  2. Lucky Balaraman says

    Hi Flint, could you please post an audio file of the webinar for listeners like me who were in an incompatible time zone? Thanks!




  3. Ryechi says

    I would stick with ‘lots of choices’ in my hand — rather than keeping it plain and simple. Proper SEO can solve traffic issues but with lots of options (related links to support your site), there’s a bigger chance to persuade audience to take subscription.

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