Calls-to-action Tested: 3 words that increased conversion by 43%


As marketers, we tend to view the art of copywriting as a game of hit or miss. Either we write something that skyrockets our conversion rate, or it’s a total flop.

All of us, whether we’re aware of it or not, long for a repeatable framework that will help us consistently write effective copy.

Sometimes, though, we see tests like the one below and we start believing in the hit or miss theory all over again.


Results from a recent experiment

Let’s look at a recent experiment to show you what I’m talking about. On the surface, it seems as though we changed three words and were suddenly hit with a 43% boost in conversion. However, if you look closer, you can find a repeatable methodology we’ve discovered from testing at MECLABS, hidden beneath the surface …



So, how can you quickly increase the effectiveness of your copy for a lift like the one above?

Where is that repeatable methodology?

To quickly increase the effectiveness of your copy, you must be able to see inside the minds of your customers.

When you think about where your customers are in their thought sequence, you can make quick copy changes for major results.


Deciphering motivation level

As you can see from the test, the audience was logged into their bank accounts when they saw the link. In other words, they were current customers.

When we realized there was a higher motivation level for these customers than, say, a brand-new prospect, we were able to adjust the perceived value of the link to reflect the motivation in the customer’s mind.

The result was a 43% increase in submitted applications from adding just three words to our copy.

The methodology is simple in theory: Look at your copy through the mind of the customer, not through the mind of your company.

But, in practice, it takes some time to learn and apply.

That is why we are going to be teaching you the methodology our team of researchers used to get this result with their copywriting in today’s free Web clinic at 4 p.m. EDT.

To learn more about a methodology for copywriting that will help you make these quick adjustments, you can register at this link:

Copywriting on Tight Deadlines: How ordinary marketers are achieving 103% gains with a step-by-step framework


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