Copywriting: 10 headlines tested


In our recent Optimization Summit, the tactical copywriting training by Dr. Flint McGlaughlin was one of our most popular sessions. In fact, looking over our summit evaluation data, the biggest criticism I found was…

“Copywriting session was way too short.”

So I’m pleased to say that in this Wednesday’s Web clinic – Headline Optimization: How testing 10 headlines revealed a 3-letter word that improved conversion more than major changes – Dr. McGlaughlin will spend more time on copywriting and help you learn how to write more effective headlines.

He’ll be sharing a recent experiment with a Research Partner in which we tested 10 headlines to help determine the most effective way to write headlines.

But first, we wanted to poll our audience to get a sense for your impression of what makes an effective headline. This will help us shape our Web clinic content to teach you the transferable principles we’ve learned in the most effective way possible.

The 10 headlines we tested in this experiment are in the poll below (please note: [NameHere] replaces the Research Partner’s name to preserve the confidentiality of their data). The Research Partner is an online research panel. Their objective was to increase qualified survey panelist registrations.

Please vote in the poll below and then share your insights in the comments section. And be sure to tune in on Tuesday to see not only which headline won…but most importantly, how you can use the information we learned in this experiment to optimize your own headlines.

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  1. Ryan says

    I chose…

    “You’re Invited to Join the [NameHere] Community and to Earn Rewards For Your Opinions”

    The audience is probably a lot of a stay-at-home moms who are usually touchy feely. If this isn’t the audience, my comments and selection are probably way off base.

    “You’re invited” is a great great intro. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

    “Community” is good especially if you’re usually only conversing with a 2-year-old all day.

    “Earning rewards” is the pay-off … for my family.

    “Your Opinions” who doesn’t want to be heard!

  2. Dave Black says

    Many of the headlines are good but it would be nice to know what audience they are trying to reach in order to guess what headline would work best.

  3. Marla Hughes says

    I chose Join the [NameHere] Community and Have Your Opinions Count
    The emphasis on community is what makes the biggest social media sites successful. It’s also not as commercial as at least the most of the others. We’re marketing to a cynical and well read audience these days. “If it sounds too good…” is their mantra and marketing has to be subtle and from a personal perspective as well as having social cache so they refer friends/associates.

  4. Dike Drummond says

    I don’t know a spam filter in the world that would allow a subject line with an all caps word “FREE” past.

    If that was the most popular … how in the heck did you get it delivered?

    Dike Drummond MD

  5. Sandy says

    I hope there will be a write up about the headlines.

    I chose this one: Get Paid to Take FREE Surveys

    as it is short and to the point and so far seems to be the winning one in the poll as well.

  6. Paul Cheney says

    @Dike Drummond
    Hi Dike,

    The headlines were actually on a landing page not in an email subject line. 😉

    There IS going to be a “write up” of sorts in our web clinic today at 4:00 EDT. You can register for that here:

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