It’s time to start seeding your offline marketing with keywords.


There’s an interesting article in Advertising Age which looks at the failure of large companies to use keywords in their broadcast and print campaigns.

The ideal scenario is that a TV commercial would repeat a certain keyword sufficient number of time for it to stick in the viewer’s mind.

That viewer might then decide to do a little research on your product online and type the keyword into Google or some other search engine.

And at this point you had better be sure that your agency, in addition to producing the commercial, also added that keyword and its variations to your PCC campaigns.

When you have the keywords in place, it’s an important support, just in case you don’t get a high, organic search listing.

This is an obvious idea…but is likely hamstrung for now by poor communications between different advertising groups and agencies, all serving the same client.

If you have worked in the ad industry, you probably have a good sense of the likelihood of the broadcast group calling up the search guys and coordinating the script of the commercial with the PPC ad buys.

In the meantime, you’ll find some useful information on how to use PPC with any new product or service launch in our 90-Day PPC Plan Tested brief.

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  1. CarlenLea says

    It’s so obvious that it explains why people don’t do it. It’s hard enough to convince companies to think in terms of integrated marketing. I’ll have to keep this in mind for my clients.

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