2010 Internet Marketing Predictions: Social Media ROI, Gaining Greater Value from Technology Investments, and Possible Implosion of Internet


Fair thee well 2009. You will not be forgotten…nor greatly missed. Welcome 2010. Even though we barely know you, you seem to be a huge improvement already.

But what triumphs and tribulations will you bring us? To find out, I pulled some of our thought leaders in front of a camera over the holidays to give us their predictions for what the New Year has in store…

Now that we’ve given you our predictions, we’d like to hear yours. Gaze into your crystal ball and tell us the challenges and opportunities you foresee in 2010. We’ll publish our favorite comments in a future blog post.

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  1. digital says

    2010 will be the year for mobile marketing. Ad networks should see a big increase. And mobile applications will gain popularity even amongst smaller businesses . The big guys who already have apps are going to get better ones, and extend them to new platforms like the android.

  2. Michel Fortin says

    I wrote a blog post about this, but I believe two major trends will become more and more popular in 2010.

    For one, the Internet marketing industry is going through a correction of sorts, and we’ll see more time-tested, real-world marketing strategies applied to the Internet. Like branding, positioning, customer relationship management, etc.

    Second, cloud computing.

    This is going to be huge, especially with Chrome OS, MS Office Live, and a bunch of others — especially the realm of SaaS (software as a service).

    I go into greater depth on my blog. To save space, here’s the link to my blog post. Moderator, if it’s inappropriate for this blog, please delete it, with my apologies:


  3. Chris Webb says

    I think with google now to launch time based, as well as user-centric searches, the future will be interesting somewhat!?

  4. Jack @ SEO Liverpool says

    Everything will be even more personalised with everyone trying to network together through as many networks as possible – even if they are pretty pointless. Mobile Internet is also on the increase.

  5. Robert Stanley says

    I am going to agree Mr. Forten but also add the mobility piece. I think that cloud computing is what will enable and accelerate the mobile internet.

    If all my data and application are in the cloud then I can be more mobile. These changes support each other. However, we still have to face the reality that this will be the minority for some time.

    Not everyone is interested in purchasing a 200-400 dollar mobile device and paying $100 or more per month for mobile internet access. The current U.S. economy will drive the growth of the cloud. But mobile will suffer due to the cost.


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