PPC Marketing: 3 steps to improve performance


Paid search marketing campaigns can be expensive, frustrating and outright brutal in terms of meeting ROI expectations. However, they can be used as a proving ground for optimization and to discover more about your customer base.

I think most of us prefer the latter. In this MarketingExperiments Blog post, we’ll take a look at a recent session on converting PPC traffic at eTail West 2014 featuring Jon Powell, Senior Manager of Research and Strategy, MECLABS, who shared three steps for increasing the performance of PPC campaigns.


According to Jon, there is no solution among paid search tactics that delivers both easy and effective results.

“There’s no silver bullet,” Jon explained.

Here are a few key steps that Jon suggested to help increase the effectiveness of your PPC ad campaigns:

  • Be present: When bidding on keywords, casting as big a net as possible is not ideal. Instead, Jon explained, focus on being where you get the biggest bang for your buck.
  • Be interested: Smart PPC campaigns are focused on developing a conversation with customers.
  • Be consistent: Thinking holistically about your marketing from conversation to conversion will help your efforts to guide the discussion.


Don’t forget mobile

Jon closed the session with an excellent case study on mobile paid search behavior.

The results ultimately suggested that testing your way into understanding how mobile users enter search queries will likely be a game changer for some organizations as the mobile migration continues.

Or, as Jon mentioned in his summary: “Find out what they’re interested in and test that.”


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  1. Mathew says

    Thanks for the tips on PPC John. I have some experience of adwords and it really can be challenging to a newcomer. It takes a while to understand how ppc works and to get a feel for it. I found it helpful to start on a small budget while learning about ppc, and then pushing up the budget once my campaign had been optimized and proven successful

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