Shall I Compare to a Summer’s Day: MarketingExperiments team sends virtual Valentines


“Loooovin’ you, is easy because you’re marketable….la la la la la la la laaaa.”

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and love is in the air all throughout the MarketingExperiments lab. In honor of this well-marketed holiday, we sent a few virtual Valentines to our favorite advertising and marketing industry news sources.

Cuddle up with your favorite blog and watch the love flow…

Now here’s a little recap (for some link love)…

  • Research Analyst, Adam Lapp, made like Pepé Le Pew with Vandelay Design Blog
  • Yours truly got all weak in the knees about AdBusters
  • Director of Marketing, Pamela Markey, said “You had me at click here” to Creativity
  • Senior Manager of Research Partnerships, Andy Mott, composed a sonnet about CNNMoney
  • Senior Manager of Research and Strategy, Boris Grinkot, was our irrepressible Don Juan who refused to be locked into just one site…but he did confess to cruising Twitter in search of something appealing
  • While we couldn’t drag our director, Austin McCraw, in front of the camera, the man behind the magic told us that his muse was Smashing Magazine

Nothing is harder than confessing to a (possibly) unrequited love. Now that we’ve walked the line, we want to hear from you.

What advertising or marketing industry news source do you really love? What blog or website just completes you? Send us your virtual Valentine via email, LinkedIn or as a comment to this post. We’ll publish our favorites in a future post right here on the blog…so be creative.

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