Affiliate Marketing

Tests and tactics that increased clicks and leads by 165%


How can affiliate marketing help you generate more traffic, leads and sales? What steps should merchants, affiliates and networks take to increase their ROI?

Inspired by takeaways from Affiliate Summit and past MarketingExperiments affiliate clinics, we looked at ways that all involved can avoid or overcome common pitfalls and build more successful programs.

During the August 26 clinic, Director of Channels Aaron Rosenthal and Senior Analyst Robert Reynard explored:

  • Research on what is and isn’t working today
  • Tests and experiments with gains of up to 165%
  • Do’s and don’ts for merchants, networks and affiliates

Download the clinic summary:

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View the clinic presentation:

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You can also find selected Q&A from the clinic on the MarketingExperiments Blog.


Content —  Hunter Boyle
Pamela Jesseau
Robert Reynard
Aaron Rosenthal
Corey Trent

Production — Austin McCraw
Cliff Rainer
Landon Calabello

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