Favorite Industry Blogs and Websites: The Romeo and Juliet of the MarketingExperiments community share the love


“…that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
But might not be as well branded…”

Ugh, sorry for that. After a video, a blog post, and an interview, I’m all out of witty love-plus-marketing puns. Just goes to show, Transparent Marketing is more powerful than a Tweet Memarketing gimmick any day.

So I’m going to turn it over to the MarketingExperiments community. We asked you to send virtual Valentines to your favorite industry news sources to celebrate this well-marketed and quite gimmicky holiday that celebrates a martyr who…well let’s just say it moves a lot of product.

We wanted you to call out those blogs and websites that don’t just help you do your job better, but have truly found a place in your heart. Here is the response from our favorite Romeo…

XDA-Developers.com, you satisfy my nerdy need to update firmware in a collaborative workspace.
Your website and forums are the greatest place.

No warez are provided

and if they are – they’re quickly hide’d.

I’d give you a screaming hoot

for a working dual boot

Windows Mobile 6.5.5 + Android ROM that I can tinker, tweak and optimize
until I’m old and blind.

Jason Croyle
Lead Generation Expert and Creative Social Media Strategist at InTouch and Owner of Total Perception 10,000 Marketing Solutions

Admittedly, Jason works for one of our sister companies, so picking him might seem more wrong than pairing up a Montague and a Capulet. But, the good pilgrim rhymed “dual boot” with “screaming hoot.” If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

So we will not make him deny thy company and refuse thy title to be named the MarketingExperiments community’s Romeo of Marketers. His love is true, even if his last attempt at rhyming was not.

Now let’s not forget Juliet…

Our ISPs are white(listed), our competitors are blue,
I most love CopyBlogger, Clickz and Brand New.

Jade Ingmire
Corporate Storyteller at Marketfish and Editor-in-Chic of Bridezilla.com

Jade doesn’t just have love in her heart, but she clearly has a way with words as well (her job description is simply “Word weaver. Yarn spinner. Raconteur rockstar.”) So not only will we name Jade the MarketingExperiments community’s Juliet of Marketers, but she is now the Poet Laureate of the MarketingExperiments community as well.

While Valentine’s Day candy is now half off and most marketers have moved on to the next gimmick, it’s not too late to share your love in our comments section. And you don’t even have to stick to iambic pentameter.

Photo attribution: http://www.flickr.com/photos/specialkrb/ / CC BY 2.0

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