How to Protect Yourself against Click Fraud


How can one combat click fraud when running PPC campaigns? How can you minimize the chance of being targeted? And how can you find out if you have already been paying for fraudulent clicks?

Suspecting we had been a victim of click fraud ourselves, we set out to answer these questions and share our findings.

In addition to documenting our own experience, we have spoken with other PPC experts around the world and developed a 10-point plan.

We’ll be sharing the plan during our next teleconference call on Wednesday, March 29th at 4:00pm EST. As always, participation is free. But we do ask that you register ahead of time, so we know how many call lines to reserve.

This plan not only gives you the means to minimize the likelihood of your company becoming a victim of click fraud, but also provides instructions on identifying click fraud attacks as and when they occur.

PPC is an important and sometimes essential tool for many online marketers. As awareness of click fraud grows, it is necessary to learn how to protect both the integrity and the ROI of your campaigns.

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