Optimizing your PPC campaigns, Part II


Our July 30 live optimization clinic on PPC ads and landing pages was our most successful webinar to date. Thank you to everyone who participated, especially those who submitted their campaigns for a real-time review.

You can access that clinic here.

7-30-08-clinic-screenshot-ds.pngMuch of the feedback from the session revolved around the high level of interaction among our presenters and the audience. Although we reproduce and post our clinics in three formats (flash, audio, and text), that interactivity is one key element you only get from the live session.

Due to the positive response, we’ll be presenting a follow-up session: Optimizing PPC Ads, Part II (LIVE) — August 13.

Part II will essentially pick up where we left off, as our team of optimization experts will:

  • Expand on the two types of relevance vital to paid-search success
  • Optimize a new slate of search ads and landing pages
  • Address your specific PPC questions with an expanded Q&A

This will be our final clinic for the year on this topic, as we are gearing up for our new Landing Page Optimization Workshops.

Even if you attended the first session, you’re sure to come away with practical ideas and strategies that will help improve your paid-search efforts. Also, if you have specific questions about PPC campaigns, please post your comments here, and our team will try to answer the best of the bunch here and/or in the live clinic.

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  1. Adam Boulton says

    We’ve just done a little research piece about the optimal Ad position to be in to maximize profit from your PPC campaigns.


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