Are your marketing decisons based on inaccurate online metrics?


We are working right now on our next teleconference clinic. It’s on the topic of web site metrics.

As we study the various PPC reporting tools, and a variety of web analytics services, it becomes more and more apparent that inaccuracies are not uncommon.

For instance, if you track a PPC campaign through both the PPC engine reporting tool and your own web analytics program or server logs, you will likely see some inconsistencies.

This can become a significant problem if you base future marketing decisions on flawed data.

In addition, we will be looking at the problem of being overwhelmed by too many metrics. Analytics services are differentiating themselves by offering more and more features and reports.

We address this problem by stripping away all the metrics you don’t need, and focusing just on those that are fundamental to your business model.

In other words, we are isolating the metrics that matter.

If you would like to take part in this free teleconference call, please register here.

During the call you will be able to download a simple dashboard tool to help you identify key metrics for your own business.

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