The learning curve that never flattens…


A recent article in AdWeek shows just how slow most online marketers are to catch up with the potential of emerging media.

Here, in part, is what the article says:

While in-game advertising and advergaming has received much attention, 72 percent of marketers do not plan to use it in the next year. The story is the same for mobile marketing, which is used by 11 percent of respondents and 57 percent of whom say they do not plan to try it in the next year. Just 13 percent reported using blogs or social networks in marketing, and 49 percent said they had no plans to do so in the next year.

Right now it appears that many online marketers are still catching up with the potential of blogs, RSS and podcasts as marketing tools.

Meanwhile, billions of eyeballs, particularly young eyeballs, are focused on their cell phones, and

In this fast-paced online medium marketers appear to be very slow at climbing the learning curve. You have only to look at blogs as an example. It has now been years since people started blogging. But if you read the marketing press, many marketers are only now becoming excited about blogs, as if the opportunity were brand new.

A we are doing some research on these emerging media. Right now we are collecting data on how video clips on sites can help increase conversion rates.

Even so, we remain very much aware that the learning curve online marketers are following is not of the bell curve variety. It appears to be a straight line, and almost vertical.

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