More disturbing data on third-party metrics


As I mentioned a couple of posts back, we are putting the final touches to the content for tomorrow’s teleconference call, Essential Metrics for Online Marketers.

Late yesterday we added some new data for the call, based on an experience we have had with the metrics from a third-party reporting tool.

On one line of data, if you attend the call, you will see that one of the figures reported to us was off by 900%.

The most disturbing element here is that we were already preparing changes to the site based on the figures from the third party.

Had we not decided to double-check the figures independently, from the raw data, we would have gone ahead and made some very damaging changes to the site.

The moral of this story is that you always need to verify data from third-party sources.

We will be covering all this in full detail in the call tomorrow. We have also prepared an Essential Metrics tool which you will be invited to download at no cost.

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