Five Steps to Better Metrics

How one marketer leveraged Web analytics for an annual revenue increase of $500,000

Web analytics can yield an intimidating mound of data — much more than marketers can interpret and use.

The overwhelmed marketer needs a way to discipline the process — a way to turn this raw data into valuable insights concerning their customers. The problem for today’s marketer is not collecting this data, but distilling it to its predictive power.

Once a marketer is able to effectively predict customer behavior, he or she can then effectively ask for a conversion (sale, lead, ad click, etc.).

All in all, data is useless if it doesn’t give you the ability to predict customer behavior.

One marketer leveraged Web analytics for an annual revenue increase of $500,000.

In this Web clinic replay, we explained this case study in-depth.

While we shared the details of this case study, we also used the Web clinic to answer your most pressing questions about metrics.

[The information] was clear and concise with good diagrams –Nick

The Web clinic was too long and not inspiring –Brian

This [Web clinic] made metrics more than numbers


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