Technology Blind Spots

How human insight revealed a hidden (and almost missed) 31% gain


As the recent “flash crash” on Wall Street shows, entrusting important business decisions solely to technology can lead to disastrous results. If humans had been involved, would the market have dropped so steeply? Would a human have been able to tell that Accenture was likely worth more than one penny per stock? Likely so.

Of course, Wall Street is not alone in its use of technology to make important business decisions. Many marketers are overly reliant and trusting of online business optimization technology. And while this technology can certainly aid in massive improvements to marketing ROI, we explored how to make sure you provide a little human adult supervision to your technology in our “Technology Blind Spots” web clinic.

Senior Manager of Research Partnerships Andy Mott, Director of Sciences Bob Kemper, and Research Analysts Corey Trent and Jon Powell walked our audience through three recent experiments featuring both B2B and B2C real-world scenarios, the three most common blind spots of testing tools, four problematic default technology settings that can invalidate your online tests, what it means to actually run a valid test, a five-point checklist to help you get the most from your technology, and key strategic considerations for running multivariate tests.

View the clinic replay, or listen to the audio recording (mp3), to discover how to get your money’s worth from your marketing technology and drive significant ROI.

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