Most-Tweeted Blog Posts of 2010: Facebook case study, social media marketing human factor, antisocial media, and more


Here’s why I like “tweet count” as the ultimate metric for a blog post. It’s basically a resounding “yes” to the oft-asked marketing question, “would you refer this to a friend?” Sure, you can look at “visits,” but that may be a better indication of a
good headline than a good post. Even “time on site” only tells you that someone stuck around longenough to kick the tires, but it doesn’t mean they got enough value from a post to take action.

As with any analytics tool, the Topsy Retweet Button isn’t perfect. Based on our traffic through TweetDeck, it seems to undercount the retweets on many posts. I’m pretty sure one of the posts below has some serious over-counting issues. And there has been a hanging chad or two.

Nevertheless, it remains the best way for us to gauge what posts have value for you. So, without any further ado, here are the 10 posts you told us were most valuable in 2010, along with a quote from your peers about each post…

  1. Facebook Case Study: From 517 to 33,000 fans in two weeks (plus media coverage)
    @calparks Peeps!!!!! You are my new Facebook fan page heroes!! What an awesome success story!” – @marismith
  2. Please Be My Friend: Taking the first step beyond just being on Facebook
    “Does social media feel like you are going back to Middle School? … – Last one to be picked for Kickball!” – @TravisLowSEO
  3. Social Media Case Study: Facebook plus integrated marketing helps raise $950,000
    “Good use case on integrated marketing and Social Media #marketing” – @ahall3649
  4. Internet Marketing: Landing page optimization for beginners
    “Interesting conversion heuristic methodology of predicting conversion: C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) – 2a” – @adamboettiger
  5. Twitter and Social Media: Pointless babble or pot of gold?
    “Nice post – should have been called 10 ways people are actually making money from Social Media rather than ‘babble’” – @GaryPHayes
  6. 2010 Internet Marketing Predictions From Your Peers: Twitter will lick its wounds, think beyond the desktop Web, scent marketing, and more
    “Good post @MktgExperiments, a list of predictions, good list” – @johnfmoore
  7. Social Media Marketing Human Factor: Finding the right person for the job
    “Social media efforts not taking off like you hoped? Maybe you just don’t have the right people doing the right things” – @sradick
  8. Local Social Media Marketing: How your peers use Twitter, Facebook, and blogs
    “Valuable insights on H2 use Twitter, Facebook, blogs. Note ineffectiveness of content automation” – @CBWhittemore
  9. Social Media Measurement: Are you getting value out of Twitter and its peers?
    “Getting value out of SMM: w/ technical info too” – @brandon_west
  10. Antisocial Media: Social media marketing success does not lie in you
    “Are you an egoblogger? Focus on quality not quantity” – @KSWhittaker

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  1. Mari Smith says

    Hey Daniel!! Awesome compilation of posts – I love how this is put together! Thanks for the mention. I do agree the tweet (and like!) counts are great social proof.

  2. C.B. Whittemore says

    Daniel, thanks for capturing these 2010 highlights and including the Tweet descriptors. They add marvelous context. In my case [#8], you’ve reminded me of a blogpost I’ve been noodling for a while. Time to get it out!

    Happy New Year!


  3. James Brack says

    There are some great posts there Daniel! I’m patricularly interested in the Facebook case study. We have been working on a brand optimization campaign using a competition on a Facebook fan page, and it is working a treat, although I’m sorry to say that I haven’t had the same level of success as the article above! You can find out more at

  4. Anthony says

    A great article Daniel, is there an updated version for 2017?

    1. Annie Summerall says

      Hi Anthony, I’m so glad you enjoyed this article. We will be covering the top 2017 content in a post a closer to end of the year. For now, feel free to read through this post covering the most shared MarketingExperiments content of 2016: Enjoy!

      -Annie at MarketingExperiments

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