With New Year’s parties long gone, one “Best of” post is still standing


As the old year rolled into the new, the blogosphere filled up with posts about reflections, predictions, and compilations. A month into 2009, it’s time to ask which of these posts has become a resource to return to and which are about as useful as flat champagne.

One post that I’ve gone back to so often I’ve considered making it my homepage is Tamar Weinberg’s Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2008.

While Techipedia, Tamar’s site, is consistently relevant and interesting, this post in particular orients novices or technophobes to new trends yet still provides plenty of “A-ha” moments for experienced marketers.

The post literally includes everything: SEO, social media, strategy for social sites, Twitter, Sphinn, LinkedIn, Digg, Wikipedia, StumbleUpon, Fark, Facebook, Delicious, Flickr, FriendFeed, blogging, viral marketing, link building, reputation management, content development, internet marketing, AdWords, PPC, and, quite possibly, the kitchen sink and a partridge in a pear tree.

Not only that, the post links to her equally comprehensive Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2007…which in turn links back to the 2006 version of the list.

My reflection? All year long I’ll peruse these posts for a quick hit of knowledge or perspective. My prediction? You will too.

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