Business Plan Competition


Here’s your chance to enter the First Annual “Back of a Napkin” Business Plan Competition.

What we are looking for are strong business ideas which are founded on an exciting and enduring value proposition.

Like Google. Or eBay. Or Napster, whatever its subsequent problems and changes.

This is why it’s a “back of a napkin” business plan competition. To get the heart of the idea onto one side of a napkin, you’re are going to need a tremendous value proposition…something that can be expressed in just a few words, and is immediately clear and obvious to anyone who reads it.

If it takes more than the space on a napkin, it’s just another business idea that might make a few dollars somehow.

If you can express it in just a few words, and it makes the reader raise his or her eyebrows and say “Wow!”, then maybe you have a unique value proposition.

If you win this contest, you’ll receive over $100,000 worth of marketing and PR support.

You’ll find details of our business plan competition here…

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