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We have created this blog for a number of reasons. But the driving force behind it was the desire to share Q&A from out teleconference clinics.

If you have ever taken part in one of our phone clinics, you’ll know that we invite participants to email any questions they have, relating to the topic of the call.

Some of these emails, if they come in fast enough, we answer during the call itself. Other emails we answer later on, and send our reply to the person who asked the question.

But it occurred to us that both the questions and answers would have far greater value if they could be shared by a larger audience.

Hence this blog.

From now on, the best and most useful questions will be posted here, and answered by one of our analysts.

Beyond that, we’ll use this blog to share some of our new research data, as it comes in, and also discuss general insights and observations that arise from our work.

The comments function is open, and we welcome your feedback.

What will separate this from the hundreds of other online marketing blogs out there?

That’s simple…as with all our work, this blog will be driven not by speculation, but by primary research data.

We’ll be talking about what works, because we have tested it and KNOW it works.

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  1. Aaron Rosenthal says

    It is good to see Marketing Experiments has joined the blogosphere…

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