How You Can Use Email to Discover the Essence of Your Value Proposition

(in 5 Simple Steps)

What do your customers find most appealing about your offer? Is it the price? Is it a specific feature? Is it the broader brand association?

Questions like these are at the heart of a successful marketing strategy, and are central to understanding any company’s true value proposition. However, according to the 2012 Website Optimization Benchmark, nearly 3 out of 4 marketers surveyed (71%) indicated they do not test value propositions.

In this Web clinic, Austin McCraw, Senior Editorial Analyst, MECLABS, presented a simple five-step method for using email campaigns as a testing ground to quickly discover what customers find most captivating about your offers.

Austin also shared some key principles from this method you can use to put true customer appeal into your marketing campaigns.

The attention to detail; I don’t think there was anything I felt I was missing –Natalya

The initial setup was very long and over the top. –Linda

Concise. Logical. Simple. –Greg


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