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Learn how to replicate a 331% lift on your own site (Special live optimization Web Clinic)

Your website is leaking revenue as you read this sentence. As a marketer, you probably already knew that.

The real problem is that many marketers don’t know where to start when trying to plug those leaks. In a recent experiment performed in our labs, a few marketers from Migraine Treatment Centers of America were able to generate a 331% increase in leads.

They did it by simplifying the lead generation process across their site and intensifying the value proposition of every path.

In this Web clinic replay, we explained this case study in-depth.

But, this clinic was unique. We realize that sometimes case studies and teaching are not enough to transfer our research to your own pages.

While we shared the details of this case study, we used half of the Web clinic to review your pages in live optimization.

Great topic. The hour seemed to have a unified theme: the homepage should sort prospects by type, and route them to where they should go. – Richard

The intro was really helpful — talking about the sales funnel.–Lisa

Make this webinar more targeted, not so general. Too many different kinds of websites reviewed — for example, only review B2B industrial sites with many products in one webinar, etc. –Denise


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Jon Powell
Adam Lapp

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Paul Cheney

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Luke Thorpe

Technical Production
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Eric Nopanen
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