March 1 Clinic Notes



These are the notes from our interactive March 1 teleclinic on The Power of Small Changes. If you missed it, the recording will be posted here approximately 48 hours after the event.

Offer Copy Optimization Micro-Test
Metric Page A Page B
Unique Visitors 8620 8759
Orders 136 155
Conversion Rate 1.58% 1.77%
Page Layout Optimization Micro-Test
Metric Page A Page B
Unique Visitors 2478 2384
Orders 36 65
Conversion Rate 1.45% 2.73%
Multivariate Test – Subscription Form
Variable Page Views Orders Conversion
Form A – Standard 6095 42 0.69%
Form B – Blue Button 6109 24 0.39%
Form C – Blue Form 6137 33 0.54%
  1. “There are More Than 491,720 Registered Sex Offenders in the U.S…”
  2. “Does a sexual offender live in your neighborhood?”
  3. “Identify Sex Offenders Today – Be Aware, Be Alert & Be Safe”
  4. “Protect Your Children, Identify Sexual Offenders in Your Area”
  5. “Identify Registered Sex Offenders Living Near You”
  6. “Search the National Sex Offender Database”
Multivariate Test – Headline
Variable Page Views Orders Conversion
1. There are More Than… 3084 13 0.42%
2. Does a sexual offender… 3046 17 0.56%
3. Identify Sex Offenders… 3021 14 0.46%
4. Protect Your Children… 3060 17 0.56%
5. Identify Registered… 3084 23 0.75%
6. Search the National… 3046 15 0.49%
Multivariate Test – Logo
Variable Page Views Orders Conversion
Logo A – House 6096 27 0.44%
Logo B – Eagle (color) 6154 33 0.54%
Logo C – Eagle (silver) 6091 39 0.64%
  1. PPC Headlines – Small changes in your pay-per-click ad headlines can have a significant impact on your click-through rate. You might also experiment with geo-targeting and with keyword insertion (dynamically placing searched terms into the ad headline).
  2. Website – There are number of small changes to your landing pages (or entire website) that could have a significant impact on conversion. They include:

    a. Headline Text

    b. Headline Size or Color

    c. Subheading

    d. Unique Value Proposition

    e. Link Text

    f. Button Text

    g. “Call to Action” Text

    h. Background Color

    i. Logo Colors or Design

    j. Additional or Fewer Images

    k. Number of Text Columns

    l. Column or Page Width

    m. Sequence of Page Copy

    n. Including Brief Testimonials

  3. Email Marketing and Newsletters – Your email messages can also benefit from a variety of small changes:

    a. Subject Lines

    b. Salutation

    c. Postscript (P.S.)

    d. Additional or Fewer Links

    e. Position of Links

    f. A Small Incentive to Click

    g. A Personal Introduction from the Editor

    h. Sequence of Copy

    i. Text vs. HTML Versions

    j. Including Reader Feedback

    k. Including Brief Testimonials


  1. Apply to Become a Research Partner
  2. A/B Split Testing Brief
  3. Multivariate Testing Brief
  4. Form A
  5. Form B
  6. Form C
  7. Logo A – House
  8. Logo B – Eagle (color)
  9. Logo C – Eagle (silver)
  10. Compounding Effect Spreadsheet Tool
  11. The Compounding Effect of Micro-Gains (Brief)
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