Online Testing Certification


Over the last few years Marketing Experiments has conducted thousands of tests with dozen of partner companies.

We have learned a great deal, and shared much of our research data through our teleconference clinics and written briefs.

But it occurred to us that there is more we can and should do. We can take all we have learned about testing, and share the processes and methods with others in the online marketing industry.

Our first step in this direction is the launch of our first training and certification course.

Take and pass this course and you’ll be one of the very first Marketing Experiments Certified Split Testing Experts.

The certification will help you achieve better results where you work right now, and will also be a great asset to your resume for the future.

Best of all, part of the course will include testing one of your own company’s site pages. Chances are, the increase in revenues resulting from that one test will pay for the cost of the course and more.

To find out more about becoming a Certified Split Testing Expert, read our information page here…

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