The Most Effective Calls-to-Action

5 principles discovered for increasing customer response

Think for a moment about the calls-to-action on your landing pages and in your emails.

Are they generating enough customer response?

What if there were some slight modifications you could make to your call-to-action copy, placement, size and color to experience a significant increase in performance?

In this Web clinic replay, Austin McCraw and Jon Powell, both of MECLABS, revealed the results of a recent series of experiments that tested calls-to-action to determine their effectiveness.

Austin and Jon also shared five transferable key principles to help answer some of those tough questions surrounding CTA optimization.

Here is some feedback from the live audience of the Web clinic:

Basic principles that were applicable in multiple situations were very nice. The examples given with each principle were especially helpful. – Robyn

Explain the focus of the talk in a bit more detail. This one seemed very focused on Web design, although these principles can apply to other marketing areas. – Ross

It’s nice when the information is presented quickly and I don’t have to look at the same slide for long periods of time. This one chugged right along. Very good! – Trisha



Austin McCraw
Jon Powell


Austin McCraw
Jon Powell

Video Production and Editing

Dennis Beard
Tara Marotta
Luke Thorpe

Technical Production

Steven Beger
Shaney Burnett
Zachary Godfrey
Erin Hogg
Jessica Lorenz
Regina Love
John Tackett

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