The power of authenticity…


We have spoken about the need for transparent marketing a number of times in this blog.

Then yesterday a surprise mention in a different blog raised the issue of transparency and authenticity with regard to the home page of one of our own partners’ sites.

The site is for Hansen’s Clothing, and the mention was in Seth Godin’s blog. Seth mentioned it because the Hansen’s site has a genuine and authentic feel to it.

While we would love to take full credit for designing and writing such an authentic page, the real story lies in the company itself.

The secret of the authenticity and transparency of this site is not built on design and copywriting…it is built on the nature of the business itself.

In other words, the unique value proposition of the site is simply an expression of the truth about the company.

The company really is different. It really does have a unique story to tell.

The lesson here is that great design and copywriting may be able to give expression to a unique value proposition, but for that value to have depth, authenticity and credibility…it has to be part of the company and its story.

This is why we place such great emphasis on the value proposition when we talk with people about starting a new business or web site. If the story and value are real and unique, then the expression of that value on a web page is simply a matter of telling the truth. Which is exactly what we did with Hansen’s Clothing.

But if there is nothing particularly unique or valuable about the underlying product, service or company, then your attempts to create value on a web page will always be superficial and lack the ring of true authenticity.

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