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3 ways to boost conversions


Often when we begin working with a new Research Partner, the first question is, “Where do we start?”

It inevitably opens up a discussion of available resources and identification of parts of the page, site or process that are ideal to be tested and optimized. Factors that influence this discussion include business owners, IT limitations, legal or branding – a wide variety of reasons.

I’ve always found the following framework very useful in helping people better understand the three primary ways we can improve conversion.


Strategy #1. Increase the conversion rate of your page or site

In other words, of the people who show up, get more to convert.

This is a staple of what we do at MECLABS. We have many case studies and A/B tests showing time and time again how a rigorous process and scientific method will enable marketers just like you to better speak to and engage with visitors, ultimately resulting in more conversions.

A big part of this relies on how you apply that process to maximize the value your customers receive while minimizing as much friction and anxiety as possible.


Strategy #2. Increase the quantity of traffic to your site while maintaining quality

Simply put, find more people.

If you’re looking to increase conversions, don’t just look at conversion rate; another great way is to go get more people to your site. I know, obvious.

But hey, as long as this new customer is worth more than they cost, you’re all good. It’s important to remember when driving more traffic that the new quantity is at least of similar quality to what you already have hitting your site. Otherwise, as Michael Aagaard discussed with Daniel Burstein in a recent interview, it’s a waste.

It’s doesn’t do any good getting 100,000 more visits if no one actually does what you brought them there to do.


Strategy #3. Increase the quality of traffic to your site while maintaining quantity

To sum this up, find better people.

Are you targeting the right people?

Are the people you’re spending valuable time and money driving to your site even the right people for your offer?

If not, we have a problem. This one is all about driving the right people. If you’re paying per click for example, make sure that the people who are clicking have a clear idea of what they’re getting into.

One key to helping you do this is to identify your highest performing traffic sources and figure out why they convert better. Then, go get more of them.


Testing and optimization all leads to the same place

Now, I understand time, budgets and experience are some of the biggest reasons marketers feel they can’t do all three strategies I listed above at the same time.

But it doesn’t have to be that difficult. To start, simply pick the tactic where you feel you have the greatest opportunity for improvement. This will depend on data analysis, availability of expertise and resources. Build a plan, and start taking action from there.

Remember, optimization is a path of continuous improvement. There is no “optimal” solution since people, motivations and external factors are always changing. We’re just trying to find the closest to “optimal” at any given time and keep improving from there.


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