B2C bonanza: 11 landing pages optimized, 15 contest winners, 828+ live participants


As part of our mission to “discover what really works” in marketing and optimization, we often use “radical redesign” tests to help research partners improve results.

In that same spirit, we had a little fun with our recent B2C landing page optimization web clinic: a contest with multiple winners, audience voting, additional content on the blog, and a game show angle.


The reviews and recommendations were grounded in our optimization research, as always. But the delivery included an extra dose of levity.

Based on feedback from our live audience of more than 828 marketers, these elements were a hit, so look for us to continue testing new ideas.

B2C Landing Pages: Live optimization

You can now access the Feb. 11 clinic in three formats for your convenience:

Our research team also analyzed six more B2C landing pages for the blog, from the “elimination-round” contestants.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the live web clinic — especially those who submitted their landing pages for review.

Got some ideas for upcoming clinics? Want to share your thoughts on this one? Use the comments field below.

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