Get it first…another example of implied urgency.


In Wednesday’s teleconference call we’ll not only be talking about direct urgency, such as the use of deadlines on offers, but also about implied urgency.

Here’s just one example of implied urgency…


“Get it first” appeals to gadget-lovers for whom being first is important. There is no deadline, and no suggestion of limited supplies. But the phrase does appeal to anyone who likes to be among the first to own a new gadget.

While this approach probably wouldn’t work as well when selling a breakfast cereal, for example, it has a lot or power in the world of consumer electronics.

If you sign up to take part in our free teleconference call on “Testing the Power of Urgency on Offer pages”…you are also invited to send us other examples of the use of urgency as a sales tactic, whether that urgency be direct or implied.

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