Urgency…and implied urgency


As many of you know our teleconference call scheduled for this week was postponed until next Wednesday. The July 4th holiday got in the way more than we had anticipated, with many of our subscribers away for long weekends.

The extra time has allowed us to add a little more information and data in preparation for the call, now scheduled for July 12th at 4:00PM EST.

In addition to talking about the power of urgency, we’ll also be talking about implied urgency.

Implied urgency is when you don’t set a deadline, or tell people there are only 25 products remaining…it is when you imply that taking an immediate action would be the smart choice.

An example we are using in the call describes a series of weekly emails sent out by a low-cost computer parts etailer. They would list the best prices for their top 10 products.

So how did they imply urgency? They used a headline that said, more or less, “As at 6:04AM this morning, these were the lowest prices on the internet.”

No deadline. No limited supplies of products. But by using a time-stamp, and using it honestly, these emails had a significant impact on sales.

You’ll see the data on this and other examples during the call on Wednesday.

You can sign up to reserve your place for “Testing the Power of Urgency on Offer Pages” here.

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