Copywriting: Is your landing page missing the “why” factor?


In a recent Web clinic, Austin McCraw, Senior Editorial Analyst, and Ben Filip, Data Sciences Manager, both of MECLABS, revealed how marketers at an auto repair company increased purchases 36% by testing the copy on their landing page.

But first, let’s review the research notes for some background on the test.

Background: A medium-sized company selling an auto repair product.

Goal: To increase the number of purchases.

Primary Research Question: Which landing page will generate the highest conversion rate?

Approach: A/B multifactor split test




The team hypothesized that a key problem identified in the control was the lack of one of the most critical elements of copy needed for a product – the “why” factor.

“They tell you what it is and what is does for you and these kinds of things, but they don’t ever touch on why somebody would need the product,” Ben said.




In the treatment, the team added the headline, “Does your car have a blown head gasket?” to address who the product is designed to help and the treatment included bullet points that list symptoms of a blown head gasket to support why visitors should use the product.




What you need to know

By clarifying the problem before presenting the solution, the treatment generated a 36% higher purchase rate than the control.

To learn more about how to identify if your page is missing critical copy, you can watch the free on-demand MarketingExperiments Web clinic replay of, “The Top 5 Marketing Discoveries of 2013.”


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